Orchard Drive Renovation

Historic Renovation

The CaseCo team watched this house for years, literally over 30 years.  Aaron was born and raised in the house next door; the team went to the elementary school two blocks away; they played sports at the community center down the street; and they mowed the lawn for the original owner.  When the home fell into foreclosure in 2010, the team watched the house closely as it went through a number of legal issues and changes before it finally made it to the courthouse steps. CaseCo jumped at the opportunity to pick it up.  Once acquired, we built a large addition(deleted comma) and completely remodeled and restored the existing house (inside and out), all the while striving to maintain the character of the classic old home.


This complex project first  required us to clear 18 45’ dying and overgrown pine trees on the half-acre property which unfortunately threatened to fall on the home.  Then we built a large addition along with a full-length classic back porch; replaced the old rusting roof with a new all-metal one; completely changed and upgraded the MEPs; added all new windows and doors; and built a modern kitchen and baths.  It turned out beautifully.

Project Photos

At CaseCo details are important. View more detailed photos of this project below.
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