Designing and Building for Today’s Commercial Spaces

The process of commercial real estate development can seem overwhelming in its scope and size, but like any large project, it can be broken down into several stages. Whether you’re putting up a new building or refurbishing an older one, the aim is always to create value at every stage and to work with trusted partners.

At each of these stages, a developer is best served by a general contractor with knowledge of the local market, including its economic trends, future plans, and local regulations. Local contractors are more likely to have the required licenses, key contacts in regulatory offices and first-hand market knowledge, all of which will streamline the process and smooth the way.

Land Allocation and Planning

All development starts with acquiring land and property. It also stars with a vision. What is the future of that commercial property? Will it offer office, retail spaces, tenancies for small businesses, restaurants or a mix of everything?

Planning also includes whether you’ll need to upgrade an existing building or build a new one. Will renovation increase its value? Some older buildings are desirable because they’re sturdy, still functional or have historical value. In other cases, the building’s infrastructure just won’t support modern electrical wiring, HVAC, and other elements. In either of these cases, a general contractor can help you make that determination before you sink money into a lost cause.

Zoning and Permitting

Are you familiar with the local zoning laws, and what future plans are for your commercial site? The county might be planning new roads, a park or environmental set-asides that could affect your ability to serve your tenants. Are you familiar with entitlements, extractions, mitigation and other components of the entitlement process in Virginia? If your general contractor has that knowledge, that’s one less headache you’ll have to deal with.


The final piece of the development puzzle, the design is a key component that can make or break the project. To create a successful commercial property that will be attractive to offices, retail stores, and other commercial tenants, it’s important to know what trends are driving commercial occupancy.

Today’s commercial properties are shifting away from the standard office layout to a new, more flexible format. According to a recent report by the Urban Land Institute, this year will see a drive toward commercial spaces that are innovative and forward-looking. As the institute reports in its trend-watching study, “Developers who focus on and market design and efficiency, and tailor their products to ever-evolving workplace trends (flexibility, green design, smart office space), will benefit greatly.”

Similarly, retail clients are looking for spaces where they can present a more “experiential” shopping experience to their customers, using technology to enhance the shopping experience on many levels.

Are you designing with these tenants in mind? And is your general contractor aware of what today’s consumers are looking for? At CaseCo, we maintain a level of awareness on global, national and local trends that will help us inform you of the right design direction.

Get the CaseCo Edge

If your goal is to create value at each stage of your commercial development process, call CaseCo and make us part of your team. With our long experience in building and renovating commercial properties and high-end residential real estate, we have the resources to turn your vision into reality.

CaseCo has the knowledge and experience to build or renovate projects of any size. We bring exceptional workmanship, professionalism, and integrity to every job. We’ll do the same for yours.